Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku manga
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2018
Author KAKU Yuuji
Artist KAKU Yuuji
Serialization Shounen Jump + (Shueisha)
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Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku manga

Heavenhell, Hell's Paradise, Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku, Jigoku Raku (KAKU Yuuji), Paradition, Piekielny raj, Адский рай, नर्कको स्वर्ग, สุขาวดีอเวจี, 地狱乐, 地獄楽, 지고쿠라쿠, 지옥락.

Synopsis Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku manga

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku


Hell’s Paradise is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Kaku. The story takes place in feudal Japan and follows the journey of a skilled ninja named Gabimaru, who has been sentenced to death for his crimes. However, instead of facing his execution, Gabimaru is given a second chance at life by a mysterious organization called “The Ministry of Spirit.”

Gabimaru’s mission is to venture to a mystical island known as “Hell’s Paradise,” where he is tasked with finding the elixir of immortality. The catch is that he must team up with a group of other death-row inmates, each with their unique set of skills and motives for joining the mission.

As the story progresses, the group faces countless dangers and obstacles on their journey, including deadly creatures and other prisoners who are also searching for the elixir. Along the way, Gabimaru must also confront his past and come to terms with the actions that landed him on death row.

One of the strengths of “Hell’s Paradise” is its complex and multi-layered characters. Each member of the group has their own backstory, motivations, and personal demons to face. As the story progresses, we learn more about their past and the events that led them to their current situation. This makes for a compelling and emotionally resonant story that keeps readers engaged.

The art style of “Hell’s Paradise” is also worth noting. The illustrations are incredibly detailed, with a level of intricacy and nuance that adds depth and richness to the world-building. The fight scenes are particularly well done, with fluid motion and dynamic angles that make for an immersive and exciting reading experience.

Overall, “Hell’s Paradise” is a gripping and entertaining manga series that is well worth checking out. With its engaging characters, intricate plot, and stunning artwork, it’s a must-read for fans of action, adventure, and fantasy manga

Warning, the series titled "Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku manga" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.


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