Ekijin no Karute manga
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2020
Author HIGUCHI Kishin
Artist HIGUCHI Kishin
Serialization Tonari no Young Jump (Shueisha)
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Ekijin no Karute manga

Ekijin no Karte, Медицинская карта Экидзина, 疫神のカルテ, 疫神的病歷簿

Synopsis Ekijin no Karute manga

Ekijin no Karute manga


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“Peaceful Syndrome” It is a disease that develops paranormal ability and eventually leads to death. The cause of the onset is completely unknown. There is no treatment other than symptomatic treatment. Suddenly one day, a family member, a friend, and oneself develop and become a god of death. However, there were those who resisted and fought against the desperate illness. “Medical Execution Organization Anti-epidemic deity specialized agency” Epidemic unit “” Although they develop epidemic syndrome, they use their supernatural powers as weapons to save the lives of patients. Doctors fight for the life in front of them and for the victory over the upcoming illness.


Ekijin (God of Pestilence) Syndrome is a disease that manifests paranormal abilities in an individual that eventually leads to death. The cause is completely unknown, and the only remedy is symptomatic therapy. Your family, friends, or even you can be suddenly infected and become the grim reaper itself. However, there are people who resist and fight against that hopeless disease. They are the Treatment Execution Organization’s specialty division, “Ekijin Corps.” Though those within the unit are infected by the disease themselves, they wield their paranormal abilities as weapons and wager their lives to rescue the infected. In order to protect the lives in front of them and to win against the disease that will undoubtedly take them in the future, the doctors will fight until the end.


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